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What do Sound Monitor offer?

Data centres, data halls, computer rooms, server rooms, comms rooms, switch rooms,  UPS rooms, plant rooms and general offices have characteristics that produce excessive noise output. High density computer hardware combined with powerful air-conditioning systems and plant room equipment will, in many instances, deliver noise exposure in excess of the legal working level.

Our detailed assessment process includes noise mapping throughout individual aisles in order to identify areas of excessive noise. It is not uncommon for technicians, engineers and contractors to remove raised floor tiles to gain access to the floor void area. Should the air-conditioning be delivered via the sub floor, the removal of just a few floor panels will significantly increase the noise output and as a consequence this will be taken into consideration during the testing process. In addition open server racks will also intensify the noise exposure.    


Data centres and IT rooms produce a continuous noise exposure that is created by the constant 24/7 operation of IT equipment and air-conditioning working without interruption in the same mode.

You may have concerns that part or all areas of your installation exceed legal limits. However, we cannot wave a magic wand and instantly ‘turn down the volume’, but from our results and observations we can readily identify areas where employees are exposed to excessive noise output and advise the appropriate course of action that will enable staff to continue safely with their daily tasks. It may even be the case that our assessment confirms your facility to conform within the legal boundary and therefore written evidence will be provided for audit or display purpose.

Sound Monitor specialist IT environmental Noise Assessment Services.